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James Hannigan is represented in the UK by COOL MUSIC, London

“… James Hannigan’s music makes The Sandman totally immersive.” – THE SUNDAY TIMES

“The most powerful weapon is the music.” – L.A. TIMES

“An astonishing composer…” – NEIL GAIMAN

“…a wonderful cinematic score” – AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE

“the best music in the series..” – MOVIE MUSIC UK, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (VG)

“[Evil Genius] expertly captures the ‘60s spy-movie aesthetic” – GAME INFORMER

” a superb score by composer James Hannigan — nothing more, nothing less.” – MULTIVERSITY COMICS

“Seeing a horde of monsters fast approaching, with pointy limbs flailing, as .. horns and violins rise to cacophony, is guaranteed to get the heart pumping.” – TIME

“A score which combines musicality with wit … complementing the sound perfectly.” – BAFTA 

“10/10. The music in Republic is amazing. It is possibly the greatest and most appropriate music in any game ever. The sweeping eastern classical music fits the game so well it is untrue.” – GAME FAQS

“Returning composer James Hannigan [has] brought this new game to life without losing step with the original. The music that Hannigan brings to life shows that he has not missed a beat. My only wish was that there were more..” – GAMING TREND

“The formidable music, sometimes terrifying, sometimes tender, is by the composer James Hannigan, noted for his contributions to screen and video games” – THE TIMES

“…some of the most viscerally satisfying bombast ever produced. Starting with “The Inquisitorial Squad”, Hannigan never makes the mistake of fashioning directionless sound and fury.” – GGM

“The soundtrack is particularly fantastic” – IGN

“…a cohesive musical story from start to finish.” – FORBES

“In games of this genre, it’s common for me to mute the music and listen to something other than the OST. In Evil Genius 2, that most certainly wasn’t the case… the music truly excels” – RAPID REVIEWS

“The music.. is amazing. James Hannigan returns and he expands the original soundtrack with gusto… Brilliant Music.” – GAMEWATCHER